Three Rivers Event Information

A full Facebook event page will be created in the next day or so, but for now, here is relevant information you’ll need to know.

We’ll publish a virtual captain’s meeting that you’ll be required to watch prior to the event. Any rules questions you may have after viewing this video will need to be addressed publicly in our Facebook group page for all to see. This will allow you to come to headquarters the morning of the event, register, and head to your chosen launch location.

First cast will be at 6:15 AM and you must return to tournament headquarters by 3 PM.

The format for the event has changed from its original multi-species format. This will be 3 biggest bass (largemouth or smallmouth) for the main event, but the big bass pot will now be a “river monster” pot with the longest fish of any species taking the prize pot winnings.

Here is an interactive map with allowable launch locations as well as tournament headquarters.

Starting at 1 PM, there is a raft race on the St. Mary’s River for the Three Rivers Festival. The stretch of river highlighted below will have heavy traffic during this time. The race will start at Swinney Park and end just west of Clinton Street.


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