Rules & Payout for Events


For each of our events, payout will be:

For events with up to 30 anglers

  1. 1st place – 50%
  2. 2nd place – 30%
  3. 3rd place – 20%

For events with 31-40 anglers

  1. 1st place – 45%
  2. 2nd place – 25%
  3. 3rd place – 20%
  4. 4th place – 10%

For events with 41-50 anglers

  1. 1st place – 40%
  2. 2nd place – 25%
  3. 3rd place – 20%
  4. 4th place – 10%
  5. 5th place – 5%

For events with 51+ anglers

Additional payout spots and schedule will be at the discretion of the tournament director and will be communicated at that time.


Tournament fees are nonrefundable.  Anglers can use any type of man-powered boat (kayak, canoe, or SUP). Each angler must have a valid Indiana fishing license.

Tournament times will be announced for each event. The official time is determined by the timepiece of the Tournament Official. Any angler not in by designated tournament end time will have 1 inch deducted from their total length for every minute late.

All events will be a CPR tournament (Catch, Photo, Release). You will receive a token at the time of registration. The token you receive must appear in each photo of a measurable fish. Failure to include the token in your picture will result in the picture being ineligible for measurement. All anglers must provide and use their own Hawg Trough measuring board. Measurement marks must be legible in the photo in order for accurate judging of the length of the fish. Fish must be facing left with dorsal fin facing up and mouth closed. Any picture not compliant with these rules will be subject to disqualification or docking of length based on judge’s discretion. Photos that are blurry, overexposed, dark, or taken at a bad angle will be judged as accurately as possible, but may result in less than optimal results. The angler’s hand may appear in the photo as long as the mouth and tail of the fish are clearly visible. The angler must “cull” all unwanted fish photos and submit only the specified number of photos for judging. Scoring will be the aggregate length of fish submitted. Each fish will be measured by the judges to the nearest ¼ inch.

All fish must be taken with a fishing rod, line, and hook during tournament hours. No other method will be permitted. Artificial lures only – No live bait. Trolling will be permitted unless specified for the event. Per Indiana Law, you may use no more than three rods at a time.

Two or more anglers may fish from the same vessel; however, each angler must be a paid participant. Sharing of catches is strictly prohibited. Any anglers caught sharing catches will be disqualified.

A Personal Floatation Device must be worn at all times while on the water during tournament hours. Failure to comply with this rule WILL result in disqualification from the event. Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times. Sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation are expected from each angler. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principals may result in disqualification.

Anglers are expected to exercise their own best judgment in cases of inclement weather. This tournament will be held rain or shine.

A waiver releasing the organizers and sponsors of this tournament from liability will be provided and must be signed in order for an angler to be eligible to participate in the event.