Rules & Payout for Events


The number of places paid out will be 10% of the total number of anglers rounded down.  For example, if there are 71 anglers for an event, we will pay out 7 places.   From your entry fee, TourneyX and PayPal fees are paid, $5 is retained for the end of year Championship payouts, and the remainder is paid back to the anglers at the event.


Tournament fees are nonrefundable after the start of the tournament.

Allowable vessels include kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards (SUP). These must be single-hull, not exceeding 44 inches in width, with the exception of Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Angler and Biyak. Allowable propulsion is paddle, pedal, and electric motors. For additional information on permissible electric motor usages, see KBF Rule 8.C.

Each angler must have a valid Indiana fishing license.

Tournament times will be announced for each event. Lines in time and lines out time will be posted on the TourneyX event page and will also be declared during the captain’s meetings.

Unless otherwise specified, all of our events will be a 5-fish limit, 12″ minimum length.

All events will be a CPR tournament (Catch, Photo, Release). Your token with the code for the event must appear in each photo of a measurable fish.  The event code will be determined and published the night before the start of the event. Failure to include the token in your picture will result in the picture being ineligible for measurement. All anglers must provide and use their own Ketch measuring board.  Any size Ketch board with Ketch Kradle is allowed, including the Karbonate and Ketch X Models.  No other measuring device is allowed.

Photo Standards—Digital photographs of each bass submitted to judges for scoring must meet these criteria:

A. Unique—Each digital photo submitted by the same Competitor in each Event must be of a different bass. Subsequent digital photos of the same bass submitted by the Competitor in an Event will be denied.

B. Legible—Each photo must be in sharply focused and clear enough for a judge to:

i. Verify the correct Identifier Form and Event ID Code. Inability of the judge to verify will result in denial of photo.

ii. Verify the bass’ condition. Violation will result in denial of photo.

iii. Verify the bass’ length. Judge will score fish at the greatest length of which he is certain.

iv. Verify whether its jaw or lip is in contact with the measuring board fence. Inability of the judge to verify will result in denial of photo.

C. Centered—Camera lens positioned directly over the center of the bass’ body, which contributes to accurate measurement by judges. Photos taken at a low angle that may obscure an open mouth may be denied or penalized at the Tournament Director’s discretion.

D. First-generation—Each digital photo must be a first-generation image (not a photo or screen-shot of another photo). Violation will result in denial of photo.

E Identifiable—Official IKA Identifier Form above, below, or beside that bass (not covering any portion of the bass, unless attached to the Competitor’s hand or arm). Neither a hand-drawn form nor an image of the IKA Identifier Form on a smart phone are permissible. Violation will result in denial of photo.

F. Background—Competitor’s watercraft clearly visible in the photograph. Violation will result in denial of photo.

G. Hand Position.

i. Hand or finger(s) may be in contact with the caudal peduncle (fleshy, scaled part of the bass’ body at the base of the caudal fin) but not touching any portion of the caudal fin (tail fin). Violation will result in a 1-inch deduction in score.

II. No portion of a hand or finger may be under the fish’s operculum (hard gill flap). Violation will result in denial of photo.

H. Mouth

i. Bass’ lip or jaw must be in contact with measuring board fence (bump board, upright). Violation will result in denial of photo.

ii.  Mouth must be closed.  If the mouth is open at all, a half-inch penalty will be applied to that fish.  If the mouth is open a considerable amount, an additional penalty may be incurred at the judge’s discretion.



Item Photo Scoring Criteria Penalty
Photo Blurry photo/length unclear: scored at the highest mark of which there is no doubt n/a
Photo Blurry photo; completely unable to judge Deny
Photo Appears to be second-generation (screen shot, photo of photo) Deny
Photo EXIF data and other evidence substantiates photo taken outside of Eligible Water boundaries Deny
Photo EXIF data, other evidence substantiates photo was taken outside of competition hours Deny
Photo Multiple digital photos submitted of the same bass; unintentional violation Deny
Photo Multiple digital photos submitted of the same bass; evidence indicates intentionally Ban
Photo Competitor’s watercraft not visible in photo background Deny
Orientation Bass positioned with right side of body toward camera; head pointing right and caudal fin left Deny
Orientation Bass positioned with dorsal fins at bottom of photo, pelvic and anal fins upward Deny
Identifier Official identifier Form missing, counterfeit, or incorrect for event Deny
Identifier Identifier Form is lying on or covering any portion of the bass Deny
Identifier Incorrect Event ID Code for Event Deny
Fish Secured by restraining device (e.g., stringer, tape, or clip attached to bass) Deny
Fish Photo violates state regulations regarding possession Deny
Species Photo of any other than the species or varieties approved for the Competition Deny
Body Body length less than 8 inches Deny
Body Any portion of a hand or fingers under the fish’s operculum (hard gill flap) Deny
Body Finger(s) or hand touching the caudal (tail) fin Deny
Body Entire caudal (tail) fin entirely lifted away and out of contact with the measuring board Deny
Body Eye covered; not visible in photo Deny
Body Bass appears to have been snagged, snatched, or hooked in the body rather than mouth Deny
Body Bass appears to be dead, mutilated, frozen, mangled, or otherwise damaged Deny
Body Bass appears to have been mashed, mauled, or otherwise altered to increase its length Deny
Mouth Bass lip or jaw clearly not touching measuring board fence (upright end plate) Deny
Mouth Unable to ascertain with certainty that bass lip or jaw is touching measuring board fence Deny
Mouth Mouth open any amount 0.5″ – Deny

All fish must be taken with a fishing rod, line, and hook during tournament hours. No other method will be permitted. Artificial lures only – No live bait. Trolling will be permitted unless specified for the event. Per Indiana Law, you may use no more than three rods at a time.

Two or more anglers may fish from the same vessel; however, each angler must be a paid participant. Sharing of catches is strictly prohibited. Any anglers caught sharing catches will be disqualified.

A Personal Floatation Device must be worn at all times while on the water during tournament hours. Failure to comply with this rule WILL result in disqualification from the event.  Competitor must wear a fully-fastened USCG-certified vest-style PFD (inherent flotation or inflatable) or float jacket. A belt-style PFD, even one that deploys as a vest, is not permitted during Competition. (3/16/2020 clarification)

Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times. Sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation are expected from each angler. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principles may result in disqualification.

Wade fishing is allowed during river events only and will follow KBF Rule 5E:  Wade fishing is permitted provided the Competitor uses his watercraft to access the fishing location. Fish caught while wading or walking the shoreline ARE eligible for submission; however, each Competitor must be within sight of his watercraft while fishing, and the watercraft must appear in every fish photo submitted. Competitors may depart the watercraft to catch and land fish. If a Competitor must go out of sight of his watercraft for any reason (e.g., for a restroom break or to contact a tournament official by phone or other means, or to report an emergency), he must cease fishing until he returns to his watercraft, at which time he may resume fishing. Violation will result in disqualification from the Event.

Anglers are expected to exercise their own best judgment in cases of inclement weather. This tournament will be held rain or shine.

You will need to complete the online waiver of liability form to fish any of our events.  Once completed, this form will cover you for the entire season.

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