2019 Tournament Series Schedule Announcement

After another successful season, Indiana’s premiere kayak fishing tournament series is happy to announce its schedule for 2019!  122 anglers joined us throughout 2018 to fish in our events and we anticipate similar participation for 2019 with this exciting venue lineup featuring 3 new locations.

April 27 – Summit Lake

Our season opener is a venue that has been asked for for many years.  Summit Lake is located in Henry County and is an 800-acre lake nestled inside a 2,680-acre State Park.  Plenty of camping and an awesome fishery greet us for this event.

June 8 – Tri Lakes

A Northeast Indiana destination for our second event, the Tri-Lakes are located just north of Columbia City and offer plenty of water.

July 20 – Tippecanoe River

The first of two river events, we’re heading to new water near Monticello in Northwest Indiana.  Be prepared for some big smallmouth!

August 24 – White River

It seems an Indiana Kayak Anglers season wouldn’t be complete without this event!  This one’s great and shouldn’t be missed.

September 14 – Championship

This is an invitation-only event that you must earn your way into.  The location will be announced at a later time, but we usually try to have a good time with this one.

For all of these events all details will be announced as we get closer to them, including launch locations and allowable water for the river events and any special rules that may be needed.  We’ll create events on TourneyX for registration.  Keep up to date with all of this on our Facebook page.