Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to participate in Indiana Kayak Anglers tournaments?

Besides your kayak and your fishing gear, you’ll need the following items:

  1. Kayak, Canoe, or SUP.  All craft must be human-powered (pedal or paddle).  No electric or gas motors.
  2. Hawg Trough measuring device.  Check the resources page for sources to purchase one.  Make sure the measurement lines get marked with a dark marker.
  3. Digital Camera.  Either a standard single purpose camera or the one on your smartphone.  Now that we’re using, it is recommended that you use a smartphone with an active data plan to streamline the submission of your photos.
  4. Personal Flotation Device.  All events REQUIRE these to be worn at ALL TIMES.
  5. Indiana Fishing License.  All laws of the state must be followed along with any regulations for the water you’re fishing.

How do I sign up to fish a tournament?

We run all of our events with the software.  Prior to the event, you’ll need to ensure that you have a free account and that you’ve registered for the event.

How do the events work?

Once you’ve registered for the event on, show up at the designated time at the designated headquarters for the tournament.  Make sure to bring $40 cash for your entry fee, your Hawg Trough (so that we can certify it), and a signed waiver.  Once you’ve successfully completed the steps of turning in your entry fee and waiver and having your Hawg Trough certified, you will be issued your CPR token for the day.  At the commencement of the mandatory captain’s meeting, you will be free to head out on the water!

How does Catch, Photo, Release work?

For all of our events (and most kayak fishing tournaments), we use Catch, Photo, Release (or CPR).  After you catch the fish, a proper photo is taken and submitted for judging.  Total length for the tournament determines your finish in the competition.


In addition to the criteria described in the above photo, your hand cannot cover the eye of the fish.